Photos by Egidija Ciricatice.
Against all odds.
Caja, libro y despegable.
Técnica mixta, 16 x 22 cm.
Agains All Odds es un proyecto de libro de artista que explora el concepto de la fragilidad del cuerpo humano a través de la poética y la 
naturaleza de los materiales. Apariencia vs Realidad del cuerpo humano.


Against All Odds is an artist book project that explores the concept of the human body fragility through the poetic symbols and the materials.
Appearance vs. Reality of the human body.

Thursday 21 April to Sunday 25 September 2016
The Drawing Room, The Beaney

The exhibition focuses on the book art of Martha Hall, on loan from the University of New England, and linked to a University of Kent 
symposium. Hall’s books documents her experiences with breast cancer and interactions with the medical community, and are accompanied
 by a curated show of artists books responding to themes of art, empathy and wellbeing. Supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Curated by Egidija Ciricaite and Dr Stella Bolaki.

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